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4 Tips to Pick the Best Commercial Cleaning Company in Whangarei

Commercial Cleaning is an essential service during a global pandemic. We do our best to clean and sanitise businesses located throughout the Whangarei District. Regardless of the traffic light setting, we keep your business hygienically cleaned.

We use the best cleaning solutions from disinfectants to anti-bacterial sprays that can effectively fight against bacteria and germs.

It’s all about giving Whangarei companies the peace of mind they deserve. Firstly, employees want to show up at work and many perform better than when working from home, and customers increasingly only want to transact and shop in places which have a robust and visible cleaning regime.

Here are 4 practical tips in choosing your Whangarei commercial cleaning company:

1. Know what cleaning services they are offering in your area.

With the current variants of the pandemic spreading around, companies around Whangarei are making sure their businesses are well-sanitised, clean, and compliant with NZ health and safety standards. You would do well with a cleaning quote that lists down the following cleaning services.

What we can deep clean for you in Whangarei:

  • Disinfecting high-contact surfaces.
  • Dusting corners and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Polishing floors to a shine.
  • Cleaning commercial restroom areas.
  • Clearing out clutter and rubbish.
  • Washing windows.
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Exterior cleaning

2. Check out what cleaning clients have to say.

"Five months ago Council changed our cleaning contract to CleanScape. They recently water blasted two of our buildings and we are very happy with the results. In all dealings Council has had with CleanScape they have shown us professionalism and reliability at all times."

That’s a glowing review from one of our satisfied customers. So give us a try and we’ll get things clean in no time! Call us at Cleanscape at 09 972 7625!

3. Do your research and compare cleaning costs.

Don’t hesitate to ask for a cleaning quote. This can help you plan out your cleaning and maintenance schedules properly without going overbudget. Most Whangarei cleaning services would be happy to help you out customise a cleaning plan that works for your commercial needs.

4. Know what industries they service.

Industrial clean-ups are very different from commercial cleaning services. They require certain compliance protocols be met to keep the environment sterile and safe for use. Technical cleaning methods such as degreasing, and power blasting is involved in this process.  While cleaning for commercial spaces is more about frequency of deep cleaning to combat the build-up of dirt and germs due to high-foot traffic. In Whangarei, CleanScape does extensive commercial deep cleaning services for offices, commercial buildings, retail shops, supermarkets, classrooms, facilities, and even exterior spaces.

Experience the CleanScape touch today!

We love cleaning, we really do and you’ll see that when we’re done cleaning up your commercial space to a good shine. Our Whangarei cleaning teams are highly-skilled, hardworking, vetted and mindful of health and sanitation protocols.

Our professional cleaning services are simply affordable, efficient, and superb in every way compared to other cleaning services in Whangarei. Getting us to come over is very easy and convenient. So call Cleanscape today at 09 972 7625 or email us now at info@cleanscape.co.nz