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Floor Cleaning

The professional floor cleaners Whangarei loves. - It’s time for your floors to shine!

No matter what type of hard flooring you have, CleanScape are professional cleaners who have the best expertise, knowhow and equipment.

We understand how busy modern life is. Most days, you only have time to run the vacuum over the floor or give it a quick sweep. Most of our clients find they don’t have the time or the energy to give their floors the proper attention. So, leave the cleaning to us! You can relax and enjoy your shining floors.

We are proud to be top Whangarei cleaners with a full range of cleaning services.

Floor cleaning tailored to you

  • We meet with you to discuss what you need from a floor cleaning service
  • We examine your flooring type to determine the most appropriate cleaning product and equipment
  • We identify the areas needing most attention

The first time we clean your floors, we target the areas we previously identified as needing extra attention. These areas are generally round skirting boards, in corners and in behind and in between office furniture and large equipment. They’re hard to reach spots which often get neglected.

When you hire us as your regular floor cleaners, we ensure that grime doesn’t get the chance to build up in those hard to get areas again. The result? Floors that are reassuringly clean and hygienic.