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CleanScape – Educational Centre Cleaning

From Early Learning Centres, primary schools and high schools, we understand that providing learners with a clean, hygienic and pleasant environment is essential. The teachers and other staff do a wonderful job, and we’re dedicated to playing our part!

CleanScape know that children, especially young children, often need to make a mess in the process of learning. We also understand that educators have enough to do without having to worry about who will clean up after them. Here’s where we come in. Educational centres can rest assured that at the end of every day, our staff will quietly go about our work to ensure that everything is clean, tidy and ready to go for the next day’s learning.

Every Early Childhood Centre, primary school and high school is different, therefore requiring different approaches to cleaning.

Educational centre cleaning tailored to you

It’s important to us that our customers are 100% happy with the job we do, so we put in extra effort to ensure we understand your specific requirements.

  • We meet with you in your centre to discuss your cleaning needs
  • We examine the different areas of the centre
  • We determine the specific cleaning equipment and products
  • We regularly inspect for cleanliness

Our cleaning team are reliable and efficient, and follow specific processes when cleaning, so you can rest assured your centre will be cleaned to the highest standards – no corners will be cut! We pay special attention to areas such as art areas, eating areas and bathrooms to ensure highest standards of hygiene are met and consistently maintained.