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5 Signs Your Carpet Needs Cleaning

Having a clean home includes having a clean carpet. You may thoroughly dust your shelves, mop your hardwood floors, but one thing you should never take for granted is not cleaning your carpet.

Maintaining stain-free and odorless carpets, not only helps keep the overall aesthetic of your home, but there are many health benefits for doing so.

Here are some signs your carpet needs cleaning:

Having your carpet regularly cleaned will make sure it will last longer against daily wear-and-tear. When carpets are taken care of properly, dirt buried deep under its threads can’t do any more devastating damage to the core material. As you know, long standing stains and deep grime can weigh down the carpet fabric, which can stiffen the material causing it to eventually break or shorn. If you’ve never had a pro touch any of your carpets, maybe it’s about time you did.

Carpets offer more than just comfort to your feet, it also serves as a play area for young children. Kids who crawl around carpets are subject to dirt and other allergens stuck in the carpet fibres, as such kids have more exposure to these dirty radicals more than adults. Since a child’s immune system isn’t as fully developed and strong as an adult’s, these allergens on the carpet can irritate a child’s respiratory system. So please always have your carpet cleaned regularly, vacuum when you can, and always have a professional carpet cleaning expert in your cleaning schedule.

Be choosy with you carpet cleaning products. Some cleaning agents are toxic that they leave behind a strong residue and lingering fumes including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can seriously irritate the eyes, nose and throat. Some chemicals can even cause headaches and other health problems which can affect the health of your family. So be mindful, read the product label, do your research or ask your cleaners what kind of cleaning agents they use.

Try walking through your home right now, if you’ve been living there for a number of years, chances are there’s a clear foot path. Interior designers would refer to this as ‘traffic flow’; this is the staging of your living area that allows a clear line of sight for people to walk through. Imagine, the foot traffic that goes through the area, and if there’s a carpet in the middle of it, try to inspect the condition of your carpet. The carpet the foot traffic path is usually dirtier while the one away from this traffic flow looks good and in better shape in terms of color and thread condition. Of course, that’s what carpets are for, they’re meant to be stepped on, but there are steps you can do to maintain the state of your carpet on both ends. For one, clean the carpet and rearrange your footpath from time to time.

Carpets often attract bugs and other critters. Their warm and frilly threads make a cozy home for these little pests. Bugs such as dust mites can infest a carpet and leave behind their shells, feces, eggs and other brittle body parts. Because these bugs are microscopic, home owners can’t see them, but can unfortunately, inhale them. They can cause allergies and other diseases. They can even leave unsightly bite marks on the skin. A professional carpet cleaning service can manage a dust mite infestation; they have high temperature cleaning techniques that kill off the dust mite population hiding within the carpet.

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A professional carpet cleaning service has the proper cleaning agents, methods, equipment and trained staff that can treat and deep clean your carpet according to its material. Bringing back that colour and luster to its design patterns. Plus they can reach those bottom weft layers, giving your carpet that refreshing smell.

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