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Carpet Cleaning Methods: Dry Cleaning or Steam Cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning Methods: Dry Cleaning or Steam Cleaning?

There are many ways to clean a carpet. But when  you undertake professional carpet cleaning do you choose Dry Cleaning and Steam Cleaning? Which method would be the best one for your carpet?

Both the dry cleaning and steam cleaning techniques use water, but the amount of water used differs. There are several other distinctions between the two approaches and this article walks you through the two methods, so you’ll know which works better for your carpet.

Dry Cleaning

Don’t let the name mislead you. Dry cleaning doesn’t mean you don’t need water to clean your carpet. Dry cleaning consumes less water compared with steam cleaning.  Aside from water, you also need the following to dry clean your carpet: cleaning solution, cotton absorbent pads, a conditioning rinse and a rotary machine. 

First, the professional carpet cleaner will need to apply the cleaning agent to the carpet fibers using either a brush or a buffing machine.

Deep-clean action.

The powerful cleansers land between fibers and help loosen soil and other sediments. This leads to the next step, which is to extract the loosened dirt from the carpet.

Here you need to soak the cotton absorbent pads in hot water with a carpet conditioner. Using the rotary machine, spin the pads on the carpet at high speed. This action releases the dirt onto the pads and, voila, your carpet is clean.

Drying time factor is a win.

Waiting for your carpet to dry completely takes only about an hour, which is one advantage dry cleaning has over steam cleaning.

However, because dry cleaning uses chemical filled solutions, it is not so environmentally friendly. There could be residues and scents left on the carpet that can cause allergic reactions. So, if you’re sensitive to allergens, look for dry cleaners that avoid the use of potentially harmful compounds, or consider steam cleaning because it uses less chemicals.

Steam Cleaning

This approach uses more water than dry cleaning. But it’s not all water and steam as the name suggests. In steam cleaning you need a combination of hot water and cleaning detergent made for carpets. Besides hot water and cleaning chemicals, you require specialised equipment to extract water out of the carpet. 

First, using the steam cleaner, the professional carpet cleaner will spray the hot water mixed with detergent onto the carpet. The water and cleansing agent will work well together to break down dirt, including particles that are difficult to remove. You then extract the water out of the carpet, letting you also take out the dirt that has come off the fibers.

Longer Drying Time.

To remove the remaining moisture from the carpet, a carpet cleaner will need a wet vacuum, or wait at least 24 hours for the carpet to dry. Because steam cleaning has a longer drying time, it is not ideal for carpets in areas where there’s heavy foot traffic such as hallways.

Anti-bacterial and Eco-Friendly.

If drying time is not an issue, then you can still choose steam cleaning over dry cleaning because of the antibacterial effect of hot water. Steam cleaning, as already mentioned, is also eco-friendlier and leaves no smell or residues that can trigger allergies.

The Verdict

Whether you’re going for dry cleaning or steam cleaning depends on the factors that matter to you. Each method has its own pros and cons that you need to weigh to help you make the best decision.

Cleanscape is proud to be Sitewise green accredited and looks wherever possible to mitigate the environmental impact of its cleaning on the environment. Due to this we only offer Steam Cleaning carpet cleaning for our clients in Whangarei, Kaipara and Northland, reducing the need for chemicals as well as being able to utilise the antibacterial effect of hot water.

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