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Carpet Cleaning Whangarei: Best Ways to Keep your Carpet Looking New

Carpet Cleaning Whangarei: Best Ways to Keep your Carpet Looking New

People buy carpets for their look and pattern design, second for comfort and texture, and least for longevity. Carpets last years, even decades. But not without the natural progression of wear and tear.

Carpets can be expensive because their construction takes time and the raw materials are costly. It’s natural for you to want to double the life of your carpet. If you want your carpet to last and retain its vibrant color. Here are six tips to keep your carpet in its best form:

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Minimize Foot Traffic

Well, it’s a carpet, and naturally, people will be stepping all over it. But heavy foot traffic can shorten the life of your carpet, obvious damage will appear over time, the constant friction can make your carpet look overused and worn-out.

If it’s a showpiece or a rare handcrafted carpet, it would be better off placed on one side of the room complementing a piece of furniture. Keep it away from heavy foot traffic areas like entryways and stairs.

If the carpeting is built-in on your floor, there are ways to keep your wall-to-wall carpeting or tile carpet blocks in good shape. Some landlords have rubber inlays installed as the first layer before the floor is covered by carpet, this serves as a shock-absorber. 

You may also change the traffic flow pattern of your building to give that carpet area a rest from busy feet. Also, it helps to clean your carpet regularly by vacuuming or hiring a pro carpet cleaner.

A carpet cleaning service such as Cleanscape uses gentle and carpet-friendly methods that will breathe new life into your carpet.

Keep it Fresh

A musky carpet can sometimes have that wet dog smell. This is due to water or liquids seeping into the rug. Other elements such as dirt, dead skin cells, pollen and Volatile organic compound (VOCs) find their way into carpet fibers, this can make any carpet smell unpleasantly, and that kind of odor doesn’t go away no matter how much you vacuum. 

To control carpet odors, you can manage the smell with scented carpet sprays, air fresheners, lemon, and baking soda solution. Well, taking the rug outdoors for some sunbathing also helps. But some odors are just too stubborn and if that’s the case, your carpet needs a professional deep clean from CleanScape.

Don’t Ignore Spills, Act Quickly!

Do not let spills set in. Tend to a spill as soon as it happens, get an absorbent paper towel or cloth towel to absorb the liquid. If left in for too long, the spill can become a stubborn mark on your carpet.

Even minor spills can quickly turn into stains if left untreated. One trick to keep your carpet looking new is to deal with any spill as soon as it happens, so it doesn’t have time to set in.

Do Stain Spot Checks

Some stains can get past your radar, so always be on the lookout for stains.

In commercial spaces secretly hidden stains covered by furniture are the norm. Obviously, no one wants to take the blame for the horrible spill which has now unfortunately set in on the threads of your carpet.

When the stain has set it, there’s only so much you can do, you can spot brush the carpet or resort to commercial spot-stain removers, Used wrongly they can be damaging to your carpet and cause discoloration – be warned.

Opt for Professional Carpet Cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning are the two professional carpet cleaning methods that are gentle and thoroughly deep clean your carpet. Often a specialised commercial carpet steam cleaning machine is used alongside a bevy of tough and non-toxic dry cleaning liquid solutions.

When you hire a professional carpet cleaner, they will assess the material of your carpet and apply the right cleansing agent to use on the carpet material  whether its wool, natural fibre, polyester or nylon, your carpet gets the appropriate deep-cleaning treatment. You can expect considerable care in handling and drying out of your carpet.

If you can't remember the last time you had your carpet professionally cleaned, maybe it's about time you gave us a call. Whatever your carpet situation, whether it's pesky stains or smells, we can help.