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Cleaning Early Childhood Education Centres: Keep Kids Healthy and Happy

Cleaning Early Childhood Education Centres: Keep Kids Healthy and Happy

Catching a cold in a filthy classroom would cause even the most gifted student to flounder. Like many parents and teachers, we in the community should do everything we can to provide a clean learning environment for our children, as we can’t simply ignore how much this impacts their overall health.

In Whangarei, classroom sizes have gotten bigger, and the little kids of Northland are more rambunctious and active than ever. Sometimes teachers can’t avoid having a messy classroom or play area by the end of the school day. It’s easy to get rid of the apparent rubbish such as paper clutter, plastic packaging, liquid spills, and food leftovers. But the real dirt and grime, which seeps beneath the surface or remains untouched in the corners, is often the cause for contamination. And this should be a cause for concern.

The Education Act 1989 New Zealand is firm on its stand that clean classrooms are important for kids, and should be a priority for those involved- from the students up to school board, parents and teachers.

Here are some reasons why having a clean classroom must come first:

  • Helps kids get organised and further empower their decision-making skills.
  • Promotes a positive space for learning.
  • Encourages healthy and clean habits in school.
  • Minimises the spread of infections, diseases, and germs.
  • Controls indoor odors and maintains good air quality.
  • Initiates classroom safety by removing tripping hazards, preventing injury.
  • Prevents pests and infestations. Keep flies, rats and other unwanted nasties away from the student population.

We all know that a cluttered environment sends the wrong signal, psychologically it normalizes the mess around us. How insidious right? We don’t want our children to grow up clutter-blind, letting them think that occupying a filthy area is acceptable. A dirty environment doesn’t calm the mind; in fact, it can stifle a student’s curiosity to learn and dampen their creativity.

For young students, we want to set an example that cleanliness is a good virtue to have, as this also extends to their personal hygiene and keeping their own spaces clean and orderly. Like the idea of arranging one’s things- their pencils, crayons, toys, and books- this simple act of tidying teaches kids essential life skills, these tasks can be fulfilling and worth their while. By initiating classroom cleanliness, your students would do the same to tidy up after every activity.

Of course, we know that students are capable of doing a bit of cleaning on their own, but it’s still up to the adults to provide an extensive and thorough level of deep clean the school needs, that are up to standard with health regulations.

This kind of cleaning often entails exposure to dust and allergens. For this level of sanitation in educational facilities, professionally trained cleaners must be called in.

There are many benefits to calling in professional cleaners like Cleanscape NZ that makes their cleaning service worth considering.

First, they take the stress out of cleaning, so the adults at the education centre can focus on teaching and addressing the emotional needs of the children. Hiring professional cleaners will save you time and make your work at school easier to manage.

Specialised cleaning is very specific and technical

CleanScape knows the trouble spots when it comes to early child care facilities, such as daycare centers and preschools. We know room areas most likely to be infested or contaminated by disease-causing germs. They are often the areas and surfaces exposed to the constant flurry of kid’s activities: Play areas, nap areas, swings, door handles, light switches, cupboards, walls, windows, handrails, tables, and chairs.

CleanScape is an education facility cleaning specialist.

We know the many cleaning challenges a large-size campus, small playschool or kindergarten might present. Our services include daily routine clean-ups or deep-cleaning on the weekends or holidays.

In fact, we are very good at preparing education buildings for pre and post events. We make sure your school building looks its best all year round.

Is the day over?

Let our highly-trained and reliable cleaning crew in. We’re always up for the challenge. Let us help you! Call CleanScape at 09 972 7625. We are a known cleaning contractor in the school communities of Northland.

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