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Cleaning Services Whangarei

When it comes to office deep clean and commercial cleaning, business owners would benefit greatly from a practical and targeted approach. This means skilled Whangarei cleaners coming in and doing specific cleaning responsibilities ranging from power scrubbing, dusting, wiping, and decluttering.

There are many cleaning agencies in Whangarei that offer business cleaning on a routine and even large-scale basis with the use of industrial equipment and non-toxic cleaning disinfectants.

Deep cleaners do the hard and difficult work on how to clean your space – so you don’t have to. It might be difficult for some to imagine that hiring cleaners are a practical solution, but the truth is Whangarei cleaners help maintain the following goals for businesses:

  • High-level of cleanliness.
  • Proactive disease prevention.
  • Sanitation compliance.
  • Promotes good hygiene practices among employees and customers.

If cleaning requires a monumental effort on your part, then consider the ease of a Whangarei cleaning services from CleanScape.

However, finding the best cleaning service for your needs is an investment and requires research on your part. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to get the cleaning done before it gets any messier and unmanageable.

In Whangarei, you can rely on CleanScape. Why? Because we make deep cleaning for commercial spaces, offices and retail shops incredibly convenient. Fact is, our cleaning standards are high and done on time.

For a quick look, here are the cleaning services we offer in Whangarei:

Deep Cleaning

When your surfaces are teeming with germs, dust, dirt, grime, and hard stains, we make sure to do a thorough deep clean to disinfect these areas. We don’t do a single swipe and pass. We check to make sure the area is really clean and odor-free.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are made with thousands of microfibers making them natural dirt suckers. A good deep clean can make them last longer and free of molds that can cause unpleasant wet or musky smells.


Our carpet cleaning service cares for your carpet in three ways:

  1. Removes accumulated dirt between fibers
  2. Sanitise and steam the fibers clean
  3. Freshen up your carpet with a good disinfectant and deodorizing solution – for that pleasant carpet scent!
Window Cleaning

Windows should always be shiny and smudge-free of fingerprints and dust. With Cleanscape, our goal is for your business to have impressively shiny and clean windows. Thereby, making your products visible from the outside and becomes quite easy to entice customers when they can clearly see what great items you have to offer.

Floor Cleaning

There are many kinds of floor surfaces and we have a great deal of experiences cleaning up floors of various textures. Whether its basic concrete, tiles, wood or vinyl flooring – we make sure to give your floors the best clean it deserves. It should definitely shine with our floor cleaning techniques.

Exterior Cleaning

Exterior surfaces often take a pounding from the elements. A lot grime, molds, and moss can grow on exterior walls and facades over time. We can effectively do a systematic outdoor clean-up of your exteriors to restore the vitality of your commercial space.

This routine care and maintenance ensures a healthy and fresh working environment for all. Quite notably, during this pandemic,  deep cleaning services have helped many commercial businesses in Whangarei stay safe.

Transform your space today! Call us to clean up – Cleanscape 09 972 7625 or email us for a quote at info@cleanscape.co.nz