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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in New Zealand: What You Should Know

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in New Zealand: What You Should Know

Carpets can give any office a vibrant textured appearance- it can make meeting rooms and boardrooms look elegant and sleek. Some businesses even go the extra mile to impress their clients by having their company logos custom tufted on their office carpets. However, the sight of a filthy carpet can leave the wrong impression on a customer. They might think you don’t care enough to keep the workplace clean.

Having a regular maintenance routine in place can help extend your carpet’s life. A professional carpet cleaner in Whangarei, New Zealand’s winterless north, can remove all the embedded dirt and nasty odors hiding in your carpet, and this level of sanitizing will only enhance your carpet’s appearance. Happy customers, more sales, happy business owners – all from this one simple action.

There are many carpet cleaning companies out here in Northland. To find the best one for your business or office, consider the following factors to find the most suitable carpet cleaning service provider:

Industry Expertise

Having years of experience in the cleaning industry speaks of credibility. Handling numerous residential and commercial cleaning projects under their belt speaks volumes on their reliable service and capabilities. You can check their roster of local clients just to see who has previously hired them. Also, here’s something to think about, carpet cleaning services with this kind of business longevity will often have a rigorous training and screening process for employees just to keep up with the sanitizing standards they are known for.

Equipment and Tools

Your carpet cleaning requirements may vary, so do the kind of carpet cleaning equipment available to get the job done. Some professional carpet cleaners have state-of-the-art wet/dry/steam carpet cleaning equipment available. And some cleaning jobs call more for odor removal while others just need the excess moisture out of their carpets. The right equipment can effectively get the best deep cleaning done in large commercial spaces or even in small living areas. It is important to check on the equipment and tools your carpet cleaning service has, so you get that high quality clean-up and of course, that most pleasant smell on your carpets.

Excellent Customer Service

A cleaning company known for its great customer service should easily make a loyal customer out of you. The way they respond to the most common questions and follow up quickly to your inquiries shows the level of concern they have for customers – new or old. And if they go the extra mile to make sure you are completely satisfied with their cleaning, this is a solid sign that this carpet cleaning service is worth your time.

Price Point

A high-quality carpet cleaner is often worth the cost. The practice of being cheap just to save a few extra dollars is not worth it- if means sacrificing a great level of professional cleaning quality on a commercial scale. An affordable carpet cleaner is often more customer-focused and understands what you need and the demands of your budget. Before you balk at any cost, it might be wise to work around a job quote that both you and the carpet cleaning service can mutually agree on.

Value-Added Service

In New Zealand, one of the top carpet cleaning professional services can be found in Whangarei, and that’s CleanScape NZ! 

At CleanScape, we are passionate about stain removal and deep cleaning the dirt off carpets. Our professional crew is highly trained with plenty of experience in handling carpet cleaning equipment and non-toxic cleaning agents. We guarantee your carpet will feel like new and quite soft to touch once dry. You’ll be delighted with the results!

When it comes to carpet cleaning, we’re very upfront with our pricing. We’ll tailor a quote that meets your budget. Just call us and we’ll come over for a visit! We’ll then assess the state of your carpet and even walk you through your carpet problem spots- so we can discuss in detail what needs to be done. We want your carpet cleaning experience with us as stress-free as possible. We won’t disrupt your business operations either, as we can do the cleaning after work hours, during weekends or at any convenient time on your schedule. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!

We have been deep-cleaning Northlands commercial properties for many years, and we come highly recommended across the Northland, Tutukaka, Kerikeri, Hokianga, Waipu, Kauri Coast, and the Bay of Islands. CleanScape also provides commercial cleaning services in schools, offices, retail facilities, hospitals and other kinds of businesses. Call us today for a free estimate!