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Commercial Cleaning in Whangarei & Kaipara: Why Your Office Needs to Be Germ-Free

Commercial Cleaning in Whangarei & Kaipara: Why Your Office Needs to Be Germ-Free

A clean, healthy office is a sign that a company cares deeply about your employees.

But cleaning can be quite difficult to do, as people around the office get busy, cleaning may fall by the wayside in terms of priority. Not every kind of cleaning job is feasible to do during work hours, there are some tough clean-ups that will require the attention of a professional cleaner. Tasks like carpet cleaning, stain and mold removal need to be dealt with properly with the right disinfectants and cleaning equipment.

So why pull busy staff off their to-do’s, away from already tight deadlines or create hostility between teams who are perceived as not pulling their weight? There are professionals out there who can clean your commercial space, they are called CleanScape. As an entrepreneur, your attention should be more on running your business and not fussing about the rubbish bins.


Hiring a cleaning contractor may initially seem like a frivolous expense, but if you call in a cleaning service like CleanScape, they can help you maintain a pleasant working environment. Cleaners are very cost-effective, as they already have the complete tools to make the rounds of cleaning, and they have an on-call team that can come over when you need them. You’d be amazed how much money your business can actually save. No more salary expenses, leave requests – this is all outsourced when you outsource your cleaning.

Regular cleaning can reduce allergens, dust and germs in work areas.

Disinfecting surfaces like desks and computer keyboards should be done weekly, if not daily, these items are often a hotbed for germs and can increase your risk of contracting diseases.

A clean office makes employees more productive with their tasks. If it helps, talk to the cleaning service professionals at CleanScape, they can help you draft a cleaning plan and schedule tailored to the size of your office and your needs.

There are many advantages in hiring a professional office cleaning service such as Cleanscape NZ. These benefits include:

  • We polish, scrub and buff office floors
  • Deep-clean carpets
  • Dust off curtains, drapes, and blinds
  • Clean dirt and blemishes off windows, mirrors and glass panes including those annoying streaks
  • Air-out and clean office furniture
  • Wipe surfaces to a spotless shine
  • Clear out trash bins and recyclables
  • Organize items in all work areas
  • Disinfect and freshen up rooms

Companies should be more proactive in addressing health and hygiene issues in the workplace. To maintain productivity at the highest standards, invest in services that offer a range of cleaning services: basic floor janitorial services, clutter cleaning, desk dusting, vacuuming and carpet cleaning.

Subpar cleaning sucks and the results are often too disappointing to enumerate. So always go for a cleaning service with a good reputation and high level of commitment, one that really cares about the state of your office space.  A reliable office cleaning company knows how to be on top of things, not missing any spots or key areas. They are a relief to have around.

Best Cleaning Services in Whangarei

We have been offering our cleaning services in the Whangarei area for a number of years now, and we’ll be here for many more to come. Cleanscape is a local and Sitewise Green accredited cleaning company.

There’s a lot to appreciate about our highly skilled cleaners as we come equipped with all the cleaning implements and industrial cleaning tools. We’ll get your office organised and ready for the next work day. We also offer customised options on every cleaning job, so that our loyal clientele may choose an option that suits their schedule and budget needs.