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Commercial Floor Cleaning Whangarei: Surface Cleaning for All Floor Types

The cleanliness of your floors reflects how you manage your business.

When you call us, the appearance and sanitation of your floors is our priority. We make sure your floors shine and sparkle.

Whether it’s the floors at your shop, office or industrial area, we’ll make sure they’ll look good after we’re done. And if you have our cleaning service come to you regularly, you can enjoy shiny and clean floors all year around.

Initially, our process is to assess the state of your floors followed by a thorough and organised approach to cleaning. These involve using expert floor cleaning techniques, eco-friendly cleaning agents and the latest industrial cleaning equipment.

We deal with various floor textures and surfaces from marble, vinyl, hardwood and carpet fibres. The cost of installing tiles and blocks of floors is a large investment, with proper floor care it can last you a lifetime. Protect your investment with professional floor cleaning services.

Our goal is to improve the appearance of your floors so your business can be more pleasant and appealing to customers. There’s nothing more inviting than having clean and fresh floors. It’s the first thing your customers will notice.

When you make floor cleaning a priority, you are creating a safe environment for everyone who visits your workplace. A clean floor will have no stains, food messes, nasty spills that customers can slip on.

While there are many types of floor materials, each of them must be handled in different ways. To ensure the highest level of cleanliness, we offer

Get expert cleaning advice on floor cleaning and maintenance strategies. We do provide floor maintenance services, all you have to do is schedule and plan your calendar with us.

We believe your floors should always look their best.

We care for your floors, we don’t use abrasive cleaning agents, we use neutral sanitizing solutions that are appropriate for your type of floors, whether it’s a hard wood, carpeting, and ceramic tiles or laminated flooring. 

When we cover each floor area, we make sure to do it right, and to the highest standard. We want your floors to be shiny, fresh and odor-free!

We do floor cleaning at retail stores, supermarkets, clinics, healthcare facilities, commercial spaces, offices, universities, schools, daycare, gymnasiums, theatres and all kinds of business venues.

Our Floor Cleaning Process:

Initial Floor Assessment

We'll do a walkthrough with you to inspect the condition of your floors so we can recommend the best cleaning approach for your type of floors. We will also note the integrity of your floors and note down any breaks or floor damage prior to cleaning.

Spot Testing

Every floor material is unique. After determining what floor cleaning method to use, we will do a test on a small area of your floor to see which cleaning solution and what percentage of that cleaning agent should be used on its surface. We want our cleaning solution to have the best outcome on your floor and not leave any residue.

Floor Cleaning

Our cleaning experts will come over your commercial space and spend a good number of hours cleaning your floors. We will do our job smoothly and efficiently to make sure we clean out any stains, discoloration, grime, mold and mildew, leaving the floors sparkling.

Polishing and Coating

To make your floors durable, we can undertake machine polishing to make it shine even more and even apply a special coating to protect your floors. Not only will your floors look shiny, they will also be soil-free and properly disinfected.

Need your floors done?

Impress your customers and visitors! Let us clean your space to extend the life of your flooring. We offer the best deep cleaning solutions for all types of Whangarei floors.