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Commercial Property and Cleaning Services in Whangarei

Commercial Property and Cleaning Services in Whangarei

Do you have time to clean? Is cleaning getting in the way of your work day? 

Many of us have already settled into a comfortable rhythm while working and can’t be bothered to clean. And that’s alright. A lot of us have enough work to do as it is. Having  a commercial cleaning service to assist your business keeps your premises clean and not only saves time, but you might be surprised to know can actually save you money as well. It leaves us with enough energy to focus on the things that matter more, such as securing additional clients. 

Cleaning & COVID-19

Though the pandemic has been disruptive force in our lives, as at times we’ve lost everyday access to many of our favourite places, its become imperative as local businesses that we make it a priority to sanitise and disinfect our workspaces, retail premises and shops, so the public can safely spend time in them without worrying. Due to the pandemic, it is hard not to think about germs and viruses whenever we go – this is our new normal, and we must all adjust.

2020 was the year that taught us how to wash our hand properly,  it’s not just through social distancing and frequent hand washing that we can overcome the threats of transmissibility, but also through proper deep cleaning as a proactive safety measure to ensure productivity and worker health. 

A deep clean can make any place sparkle and look brand new, but beyond that the health benefits of a clean space alone is worth the service. 

At CleanScape, we do a deep clean that is above and beyond the usual requirements.

We make the effort to mitigate health risks and reduce the spread of infections by cleaning high-contact surfaces. Through this we create these clear advantages:

Regular cleaning services means having good health and safety initiatives in place- this is something that will surely impress your clients. They wouldn’t have second thoughts doing business with you, and they will even recommend you to other partners. 

Get to know more about CleanScape, we offer the following cleaning services in Whangarei: 

Our rates are competitively priced for commercial and retail businesses. Have a clean and pleasant work environment that’s fresh and odour-free! Your customers will love it!

Have questions? Let’s talk about cleaning your area. Our reliable cleaning service uses environmentally-friendly green cleaning solutions that are tailored to your business needs. Call us at CleanScape 09 972 7625.

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