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Coronavirus Cleaning Services Whangarei: Sanitizing Your Workplace

Coronavirus Cleaning Services Whangarei: Sanitizing Your Workplace

More people across Whangarei are embracing sustainable ways of living and working. If you have chosen to ensure your company is green, CleanScape truly understands why this is important to you.  

Making the change to eco-friendly cleaning products is a shift CleanScape takes to heart, and for our loyal customers, we would like to do our part in offering cleaning alternatives that’s gentler on the environment.    

CleanScape partners with KTG Northland. CleanScape is staying true to its SiteWise green status with the availability of eco-friendly, non-invasive and natural cleaning products. We believe a clean environment creates a happy and productive work space, and CleanScape is dedicated to providing clients with a cleaning service that goes beyond their expectations. 

Modes of Transmission

How long does Coronavirus last on surfaces? Based on what is known about Covid-19, it is primarily transmitted from person to person through bouts of coughing or sneezing.

After touching a contaminated surface or object, it is possible for any person to become infected by touching their own mouth, nose or eyes. The virus will then enter their system, wreaking havoc throughout the body.

But the upside so far is that the Coronavirus is one of the many “envelope” type viruses. COVID-19 has a flimsy protein membrane, a breakable envelope which makes it one of the easiest types of viruses to render inactive just by using household disinfectants. However, according to the World Health Organization, the Coronavirus can last a few hours or up to several days in most surfaces.

Take Action against the Spread of COVID-19

As sanitation experts and cleaners, we know people’s activity and usage patterns; they primarily affect how we strategise a clean-up. We make sure to do a thorough clean of high-frequency touch points, these are surfaces that people constantly touch such as door knobs, door handles, light switches, counter tops, work desks, keyboards, cash registers, payment terminals, etc.

Our cleaning services can help mitigate the risk of infections, cross-contamination, and threats of shutdown in operations due to the spread of illness.

For places where confirmed cases of COVID-19 are known, our staff will undertake this work with the necessary protective measures and PPE equipment which includes using overshoes and sanitising all the industrial cleaning equipment we bring on site. We clean to a high standard so you can start and continue with your business operations as soon as possible.

We understand that maintaining a clean environment is important to your customers; they want to shop without worry, and what we can ensure is that after a Cleanscape touch your shopping spaces will be safe, clean and fresh. More importantly, virus-free on all common surfaces.

Staying clean is a dirty business, we know all too well. As we take a proactive approach to implementation, we can ensure a swift and thorough deep clean of your facility. If you require a COVID-19 cleanup in your workplace or retail shop before opening for business, give us a call, Cleanscape at 09 972 7625 – we can help and do a rapid-response clean-up so you can be ready when crisis measures are lifted.

On top of this, we can professionally deep clean all carpets and upholstery in the premises using a high- powered hot water extraction method. This will loosen any dirt from your carpet followed by a good soak with our bio-effective cleaners and disinfectants. This will eliminate any odors and bacteria in the carpet fibers. Once dry, your carpet will smell great and even look brand new.

Stay Safe with Coronavirus Cleaning Services Whangarei

We know this pandemic is such a stressful time for everyone especially for business owners. As we slowly come out of lockdown, to have our workplaces germ and virus-free is essential for everyone’s safety and well-being. Consult with us about our COVID-19 cleaning services Whangarei, we can tailor a specific deep-clean, post-exposure strategy for your residential, industrial, academic and commercial spaces. Call Cleanscape at 09 972 7625 or email us for inquiries info@cleanscape.co.nz

With CleanScape – We don’t just clean, we transform your environment!