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Deep Cleaning Services Whangarei: Cleaning your Commercial Space in a time consumed by COVID-19

Deep Cleaning Services Whangarei: Cleaning your Commercial Space in a time consumed by COVID-19

Business owners should know by now how necessary deep cleaning is for their retail stores and commercial spaces during this pandemic.  There are so many frequently touched objects in their stores, and this is not limited to hard and porous surfaces or even door handles, but the products on the shelves as well. There is the risk of cross contamination if a commercial area isn’t deep cleaned. Even as we enter a time where there are zero report cases day on day, cleanliness has never mattered more.

When daily cleaning is done, business owners often focus on the busy high-traffic areas and in turn, certain spots get to be overlooked. When it comes to cleaning, we cover all surface areas even the hard-to reach places, or the hidden spots you don’t have time for.

There are many big benefits when it comes to hiring experienced cleaners:

You save time and money.

Great cost-savings in terms of compliance issues and daily operations. When we do a cleaning job, it is well-planned and done thoroughly without disrupting your business operations.

Keep your store odour-free.

Once your deep-clean is done, there's a noticeable difference. Your workplace will smell great, clean and pleasant. Customers will come and appreciate your store, in turn, they'll be motivated to shop and stay longer.

Maximise productivity.

None of your employees are burdened with the job of cleaning and therefore, they can perform well in the jobs they are meant to do. You hired them for a reason, and spending their time cleaning is likely not one of them. Along with this clean space, comes improved productivity, less sick days and better morale.

Deep cleaning promotes health and safety.

As professional cleaners, we know the best way on how to deep clean efficiently and effectively in any given space. Our priority is to reduce the spread of germs and making sure it is a safe and clean environment for everyone. This is particularly important at this time of the COVID-19 crisis.

Get your Deep Cleaning Services Underway

Does your business need a deep clean right now, but you’re anxious about how much it will cost?

No need to worry about cost. First, call us and let’s talk. As professional cleaners, we just don’t show up and start randomly cleaning. We want to know how you feel about your space and what it needs to help you achieve your business goals.

After calling us, we’ll come to visit, to do an initial walk-through so we can do an estimate based on what you need: How often do you want your premises cleaned? You can take us through problem areas, cluttered spaces and the high-traffic areas. Also, the size of the space and the type of deep-clean needed.

We’ll talk about the products and tools we use, and if you prefer eco-friendly cleaning products, we have non-abrasive and non-toxic multi-surface cleaners such as BioCLEANER, BioFOAM, BioFOG and BioBUGS. We offer these green-cleaning alternatives through the latest range of bio solutions from our partner KTG Northland.

At Cleanscape NZ, we maximise the hours you need us, that’s why we need your input in order to come up with a well-organised cleaning plan tailored around your workspace.

With all of this under consideration, you get the benefit of a customised quote which gives you a clear idea on cost. We’ll clean what you need within your ideal budget. Call us to inquire about our deep cleaning services at 09 972 7625 or email us info@cleanscape.co.nz