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Deep Cleaning vs. Regular Cleaning Services

Managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs make many important business decisions every day. They are often faced with the dilemma of dividing their time between essential and relatively inconsequential matters. Some of these decisions don’t lead to immediate results, often the outcome can only be felt over time. 

Cleaning may seem trivial, yet very much crucial to any business’s health and safety. You may choose to do it now or delay it for another time- or simply delegate it to someone else. But when it comes to a good clean-up nothing beats a professional cleaning service. 

However, not all cleaning services result in a high quality professional clean. Many service providers just do a swift light clean and scrub, and not really get into the crucial part which is removing deeply-embedded grit and grime. 

But this is not the case with a cleaning provider like Cleanscape.

Hiring a professional cleaning service like Cleanscape NZ for your commercial spaces can help you run your business efficiently, compared to doing all the cleaning on your own. Cleanscape is all about doing extensive deep cleaning services in Whangarei which can really make your life easier and a lot less messy (pun intended).  Lighten your load and daily duties with a professional cleaning crew onboard. No longer will you have to spend time delegating cleaning jobs to employees, and the good thing about that, is everone of your staff can do more with their time at work – yourself included. 

There are many cleaning tasks most businesses set out to do daily, this is to make sure a certain level of cleanliness is maintained in their commercial space.  

When you do regular cleaning, there’s basically no time to fuss over certain spaces. The key word here is ‘maintenance’. You do the light cleaning routines required to keep dust from piling up in layers. Roughly, this would entail a series of quick clean-ups: tidying the area, sweeping the floors and dusting surfaces. So that’s ‘regular cleaning’ in a nutshell.  

Deep cleaning is something else entirely. It’s very different from regular cleaning because it is meant to remove nasty and deeply embedded stains, grime and dirt. good deep clean, staves off the growth of black mould, brown spots and mildew which can wreak havoc on interiors if not dealt with early. After deep cleaning surfaces of dirt, a thorough level of disinfection follows using cleaning agents that are meant to deal with bio-contaminants such as bacteria and germs.  

Figuring out how long deep cleaning takes depends on many variables- such as the size of the commercial space, traffic flow, inventory and if there is large visible clutter to tidy up before moving around to the process of cleaning 

The reality is, deep cleaning requires timeDeep cleaning should never be rushed, every square inch of an area needs to be scrubbed down and given a good cleanMost deep cleaning methods use specialised equipment and specific cleaning agents not traditionally used during a regular clean.

Regular cleaning services can be done daily or weekly over 30 minutes or a span of 3 hours. A deep cleaning session however may take up to 6-12 hours. On average, half a day with a full crew. But if many areas are to undergo deep cleaning, the process can be partitioned over a number of days, and the cleaning can be scheduled during the night or during non-business hours, so as not to disrupt any important business operations. 

A deep cleaning service will deal with the deep dirt and grime that has accumulated in your work areas. When you go for a deep cleaning service you can expect the following to be done: 

  • Dusting of surfaces, crevices, ceilings and hard-to-reach corners. 
  • Disinfecting high touch point areas such as switches, door knobs and handles. 
  • Disposing of paper waste, rubbish and any broken items found in the workspace. 
  • Cleaning out spots and hidden areas behind desks, shelves, lockers and cabinets. 
  • Putting the sparkle and shine on glass windows and mirrors plus window frame cleaning. 
  • Carpet deep-cleaning. 
  • Floor cleaning, mopping, burnishing or polishing. 

Deep Cleaning with Cleanscape

Cleaning is what we love to do. Trust in Cleanscape to get your deep cleaning done in an excellent and thorough manner. We’ve done many deep cleaning jobs across Whangarei from schools, shops, retailers, supermarkets, offices to commercial spaces in the business district. 

We have the latest industrial cleaning tools and deep cleaning techniques- everything that’s needed to create a clean and healthy environment. 

As a Whangarei commercial cleaning service, we can do a number of deep cleaning services for you.  

Believe us when we say that we’ll get a lot of deep cleaning done once we come over. A lot of our past and current clients can attest to the quality and cleanliness of our work. Once you come in after our deep cleaning process, you’ll notice a huge clean difference’, not just with your spotless surfaces, but all work areas will smell remarkably fresh and pleasant. Your clients will love it! 

Reap the many benefits of a professional cleaning service today: 

  • Improve store ambience. 
  • Create a positive business impact and better company reputation. 
  • Boost employee health and morale. 

We ensure every deep cleaning process is done right. We’re meticulous about the details because your satisfaction is our priority!