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Far North Office Cleaning Services – Keeping your Commercial Floors Clean

Far North Office Cleaning Services - Keeping your Commercial Floors Clean

Floor cleaning gives a better chance for your floors to have a long service life. More importantly, customers really love walking on clean and shiny floors!

It’s the first thing they’ll notice when they come into your place of business. Giving them that impression of good workplace hygiene is invaluable for any office or commercial enterprise.

A commitment to caring for your floors goes a long way. But first, you have to be aware of what factors can cause filth and damage to your office floors.

What Causes Floor Damage?

There are many common things that can easily cause irreparable floor damage.

Squeaky sneakers, steel-sole work boots, pointy heels - your floors can take a beating from so much office foot traffic. Let's face it! People come and go in your Far North office and huge crowds can really pound a lot of load and stress on your floors.

Floors can also suffer from scuff marks when you move around office furniture, delivery carts, and shelves constantly. Though office floors can withstand heavy compressive loads, they sometimes lose adhesion causing parts of the floor to break and thereby, accumulate more dirt underneath.

Stains and spills can cause water damage on your floors. A good deep clean can save your floors from various liquids or water. These substances can soak through the material which can result in a moisture-trap and sadly it can cause the floor to rot.

Floors left unclean for too long can develop mould or discoloration on their surface. The last thing you need is for your expensive floors to buckle and warp, leaving you with no choice, but to renovate and have the flooring redone.

But floor damage is preventable through proper care, cleaning, and maintenance. It’s not enough that you sweep your floors daily, floors often need adequate care and the gentle touch of a professional deep cleaning service in the Far North.

Why hire a professional deep cleaning service to clean your floors in the Far North?

Whether your floor is made of concrete slab, wood, carpet, or polyvinyl tiles – a professional cleaning service will use the appropriate cleaning solution for the floor material that you have.

At CleanScape, our approach when it comes to cleaning floor surfaces is to be gentle, and not harsh. We can deep clean a floor hard enough when necessary, but only if such stains prove challenging. Without regular cleaning, a wear-and-tear pattern will set on the floor due to foot traffic. Don’t be surprised that you’ll even find  raised or uneven areas on your floor area. In fact, over time dirt can seep through floor edges and loosen the floor tiles.

Make your beautiful floors last as long as possible. Don’t just go for the occasional mop and wash! You can protect your floors by hiring a reliable professional cleaning service such as CleanScape to come in daily, weekly, or monthly. It’s vital to establish a routine cleaning time for your floors, this is especially valuable for retail, office, and commercial spaces.

As the leading office cleaning service in the Far North, we have years of experience cleaning floors of all types. Trust CleanScape to get your floors sparkly clean! Our goal is to make your Far North office, a pleasant and inviting space for customers.

Call us today at CleanScape! Reach out at 09 972 7625 and let’s discuss an office cleaning quote based on your Far North needs. You can also email at info@cleanscape.co.nz