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Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service for your Home

Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service for your Home

When it comes to interior design, carpets are considered statement pieces that are full of character and colour. Through their intricate weave patterns, they set the decorative tone to most floors and homes. In many instances, the right kind of carpet can easily liven up and add personality to a room.

In terms of upkeep, however, carpets are high-maintenance as they require a great deal of time and care to sanitise. Luckily, there are many professional carpet cleaning services in New Zealand that do a good job in restoring the luster back into residential carpets. In Whangarei, we believe that we (CleanScape) are the team to call. CleanScape are Whangarei and Northland cleaning experts.

Carpet cleaning by any means is no simple task. Many residents homeowners and tenants choose to hire carpet cleaning specialists for their expert knowledge of dye stabilizers, residue removers and extraction cleansers that help remove stains, preserve colour strands and protect carpet density.

What’s stuck on your Carpet?

Considering the busy foot traffic in most homes, carpets do get worn out over time. They even become a big source of allergens. Pollen, mold, fingernail trimmings, hair, skin, food bits, dead insects, soil, dust, and dirt (Bleurgh!) can accumulate between the fibres of your carpet area. Often, some floor carpets easily absorb liquids, and dampness can be held by the carpet, eventually causing musky odors. And let’s face it, no one can stand a smelly carpet.

Avoid DIY Disasters

Cleaning an expensive carpet on your own might not be a good idea either. Not everything can be solved by DIY home remedies like baking soda, soap or vinegar mixtures. Applying such solutions directly can even damage the carpet fibres and cause discolouration on the design pattern, particularly if your carpet is the kind that bleeds out. (Oh yes, carpet dye bleeding is a thing. Most homeowners only become aware of this when they attempt to clean their carpet).

There are many reasons for a carpet to dye bleed. It’s not just a reaction with a cleaning agent that may cause this, sometimes it’s the way the dye reacts once it gets in contact with moisture or other liquids like water or pet urine. Sometimes the origin of the dye bleed is mainly caused by the raw materials used during its construction. A carpet may even colour bleed from the back, but not in the front.  So tread carefully! A professional carpet cleaner will go to great lengths to do a proper dye test. Such as using a PH spotter to test for alkalinity before doing any cleaning or spot removal. They will even keep you updated on your carpet’s situation.

Quick Carpet Fixes Don’t Work All the Time

Of course, some residents would just rely on the usual cleaning fixes such as vacuuming which is only effective in removing surface soiling. Anything below this surface layer, like dirt that has seeped into the framework of the carpet will not be sucked out by vacuuming alone. CleanScape uses specialised carpet-cleaning equipment. It loosens the deep soil buildup within the carpet’s warps and wefts – yep these are words!

Another DIY cleaning fix is beating the hell out of the rug. You might recall your parents doing a bit of carpet beating on weekends using a wooden paddle. (We are showing our age!) But this can only stir up dust and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into the air which can easily cause a case of hives or even trigger an asthma attack. If you’re adamant on maintaining your carpet spiffy clean, it’s highly recommended that you have your household carpets professionally cleaned every 8 to 12 months to keep allergens at bay. Surely getting in the team at CleanScape is easier than Volatile organic compounds getting into the air?

Say goodbye to bad smells and stuffy noses!

Why not let the CleanScape professional team come over and make your space more inviting? If you live around Whangarei or the Northland district, the best solution for dirty residential carpets is to simply call CleanScape. (We also have a website for you non talkative people)

Say no to carpet shrinkage and colour migration!

CleanScape is the go to professional cleaning  company in Northland. We make sure our cleaners will give your beautiful carpet the thorough cleaning it deserves by using the right cleaning solution and equipment based on the fibre materials of your carpet. If price is an issue, call us about your concerns and we’ll do an estimate visit to align with your cleaning budget. We can always work out an affordable carpet cleaning solution for your residential needs.

Sure life gets messy but as carpet cleaning experts in Whangarei, we can help you deal with common carpet cleaning problems. Cleanscape operates across Hokianga, Kerikeri, Waipu, Kauri Coast, the Bay of Islands and the Top of the North. Where you are, you will typically find we are. Trust CleanScape to sanitise and make your carpet fresh – because there’s nothing more comforting than a clean and hygienic carpet to brighten up your home.