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Hiring Retail Cleaning Services In Whangarei

Hiring Retail Cleaning Services In Whangarei

Many business owners and managers will agree that there are only a few hours a day that can be devoted solely to cleaning a commercial and retail work space. 

The current state of the global pandemic crisis (which is still ongoing) demands that we clean and disinfect our spaces; focusing particularly on high- traffic and high touch point areas. Santisation and thorough cleaning is now expected by our customers, to keep our community safe. Customers already have enough to worry about, being in a clean store and commercial area helps lessen the daily stress brought about the pandemic. 

We can clean areas you specify as high priority areas, after all you know your business, and know where your customers tend to mingle or touch surfaces constantly. If you aren’t sure, don’t panic our team can help determine this for you in a no obligation site assessment. 

At CleanScape, our high level disinfection techniques and ‘medical grade cleaning’ in Whangarei can be secured by all business operations, but are particularly beneficial to Retail operators.  

COVID aside, viruses have a way of staying and thriving for hours or days on a surface. But with proper cleaning and sanitising, we can prevent your customers and staff picking up coughs and colds. 

Of course, germs will always return, as long new people come into your store, but trust in CleanScape to undertake a proactive Retail clean in Whangarei. We can ensure zero disruption to your business operations. We can deep clean your commercial space thoroughly without getting in the way of your work.  

So what kind of cleaning services you can expect from CleanScape? 

Floor Cleaning

Shiny and clean floors can instantly make an impact on customers. In most shops, it’s a large surface area to cover and naturally receives high volume of contact. The high-traffic crowds and constant footfall is bound to bring in outside contaminants. To prevent the spread of germs, your best bet is to take a pro-active approach when it comes to keeping your floors clean. At CleanScape, we can deep clean your floors without disrupting your business hours. 

Window Cleaning

Dirty windows are terrible for businessand as with any shop, a common window problem would be smudges. That’s finger smudges, hand prints, breath and face marks – windows are a primary contact point for customers. They tend to peek at windows to have a good look at products on display, and often the unfortunate outcome is blurry smudges on the window glass. But this no longer will be a problem, with the professional cleaning crew of CleanScape Whangarei to handle your entire interior and exterior window cleaning. 

Retail Restroom Cleaning

For any retail business, clean restrooms are a must. Clean bathrooms can certainly leave a positive impression on shoppers, whilst its certain poor hygiene standards in restrooms will result in customers not returning. 

As much as clean restrooms are a huge crowd draw, the act of maintaining them, to keep them both fresh and clean on a constant basis can be difficult.  

CleanScape can organise regular cleaning here in the Whangarei CBD throughout the day, thoroughly sanitising surfaces starting with the bathroom sink, countertops, mirrors, then followed by walls and floors. We make sure your restroom have enough supplies and toilet paper dispensers are well-stocked for your customers.  

Get your retail store in great shape – give it the gift of the CleanScape touch! 

We can sanitise all your spaces on schedule. With a fresh and clean retail store, you can give your customers the best shopping experience possible. 

Say goodbye to bad smells and stuffy noses!

Why not let the CleanScape professional team come over and make your space more inviting? If you live around Whangarei or the Northland district, the best solution for dirty residential carpets is to simply call CleanScape. (We also have a website for you non talkative people)

Say no to carpet shrinkage and colour migration!

CleanScape is the go to professional cleaning  company in Northland. We make sure our cleaners will give your beautiful carpet the thorough cleaning it deserves by using the right cleaning solution and equipment based on the fibre materials of your carpet. If price is an issue, call us about your concerns and we’ll do an estimate visit to align with your cleaning budget. We can always work out an affordable carpet cleaning solution for your residential needs.

Sure life gets messy but as carpet cleaning experts in Whangarei, we can help you deal with common carpet cleaning problems. Cleanscape operates across Hokianga, Kerikeri, Waipu, Kauri Coast, the Bay of Islands and the Top of the North. Where you are, you will typically find we are. Trust CleanScape to sanitise and make your carpet fresh – because there’s nothing more comforting than a clean and hygienic carpet to brighten up your home.