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How to Get the Best Estimate for your Kaipara Commercial Cleaning Contract

Now that we are dealing with a different kind of Coronavirus called Omicron, a fast-spreading version that’s far more devastating from the original variants. Kaipara companies are struggling to keep up with their disinfection and sanitation schedules. This is quite understandable.

If you are actively looking for professional cleaners in Kaipara to do clean your commercial space? Say no more– there’s CleanScape!

Many Kaipara businesses have sought out our services since the pandemic started. We are very mindful of local health protocols and we do a thorough job of disinfecting spaces with our non-toxic, yet potent disinfection cleaning solutions and techniques. These are thorough cleaning skills that our Whangarei cleaning crew has learned consistently on every cleaning job over the years. We have the experience to handle tough dirt, stains, and grime.

Make the Most Out of a Commercial Cleaning Quote with CleanScape

It’s pretty simple- all starts with an estimate or cleaning quote. For this initial step, you can give us a call at CleanScape 09 972 7625 and we will outline our cleaning process. You can also fill in details on our contact form, or email us directly at info@CleanScape.co.nz

Here’s what you need to tell us:

  • The areas in your commercial space you want cleaned.
  • The cleaning schedule you prefer.
  • The cleaning frequency you need. (After business hours, daily, weekly, monthly, weekends and even holidays). We have mastered the art of routine maintenance cleaning in Kaipara.
  • The kind of cleaning services you need from window washing, deep cleaning, and even carpet cleaning. We have an array of professional cleaning services that’s perfect for any Kaipara business.

If you’re totally new to do this, we understand. Here at CleanScape we’re here for our customers, we’ll guide you through every step of the way. Moreover, we want our customers to have the best and affordable cleaning estimate possible.

Open up your commercial space to us. We can also come over and do a walkthrough with you while observing proper social distancing. You can show us the corners and dirty spaces around your commercial area. What cleaning do you want done and how often? If there’s anything you’re unsure of, this is the best time to ask us how we can clean it for you. If you want specific disinfectants used, we can do that for you.

If you’re unable to do a walkthrough with us, you can simply email us photos of the spaces you want clean with specific instructions based on your business needs.


After our site visit, we can send you a detailed cost estimate outlining how much the cleaning service will cost.

Each type of cleaning service or section of your commercial space will be listed down in this cleaning price quote and itemised with a corresponding cleaning rate. We will only proceed as scheduled once you have approved of this cleaning estimate. Once confirmed, the CleanScape team will show up on time at your Kaipara commercial space to clean out all the dirt, smudge, and grime.

We will make your space sparkly and clean. Once cleaning is done our staff will message you or let you know the extent of clean-up and how it went. Our goal is for you to feel satisfied with our Kaipara cleaning service.

Trust the professionals at CleanScape to do excellent cleaning and maintenance services to make your commercial space free from germs and contaminants. Make cleaning in Kaipara your priority today! Do email us at info@CleanScape.co.nz or call us today at 09 972 7625