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Industrial Cleaning Services in Whangarei

Many industrial facilities have production lines that work round the clock. 24hr production relies on a thorough industrial clean-up to ensure sanitation and a germ-free environment. 

There are many types of industrial facilities from factories, food processing plants, oil refineries (we are proud to have NZ only oil refinery here in Northland!), manufacturing centres and warehouses – all of which have massive amounts of equipment, machineries, and containers. Not to mention huge production floors have large quantities of raw waste materialsPoor cleaning practices can lead to compliance and health and safety issues and costly shutdowns. 

The best companies in Whangarei never fail to see how important it is to hire a professional industrial cleaning service. They know the tremendous difficulty of cleaning after a production run, and having their own employees do the clean-up only result in decreases in productivity. They know their employees’ energies are best served elsewhere which is at their main production line, and not in the deep clean process.  

To stay true to their bottom line, they rely on the expertise of industrial cleaning specialists for their routine clean-up.  

The Difference between Degreasing and Waterblasting

But there are many industrial cleaning methodstwo specialised cleaning methods that are often used in industrial settings are as follows: 


Industrial-strength degreasing agents are often used to remove stubborn oils, chemical residues, waxy films, grease, crud, grime and rust from surface areas. Using specialised industrial cleaning equipment they are able to clean out machine parts, pipe systems, gears and tools. Whether your equipment is made from metal, stainless steel, aluminum and concrete, there many kinds of degreasing agents that’s well-suited for each industrial material. 

The main chunk of degreasing requirements are concentrated on floors, vats, decks, cargo holds, tunnels and wallsAll of these require good coordination between the cleaners as well as strong health and safety standards, so as to ensure everyone’s safety while cleaning.  

Water blasting

Water blasting is a very versatile cleaning method using ultra-high pressure blasts of water (the clue is in the name) aimed at crevices, holes, or surfaces covered in dirt or sludge. It’s very effective in the decontamination process of vats, metal screens, and tanks. It can easily remove mold, slime build-up, and resins in any emergency clean-up situation. The result is often satisfying and odourless clean- as the surface area will turn out shiny and looking brand new. 

Having regular industrial cleaning solutions on your premises creates a safe environment for your employees which means fewer sick days and risks of infection. Whatever method you choose, we will make sure to do a thorough job on all your production spaces. 

We are Whangarei’s most reliable industrial cleaning company, we are ready to serve you any time. We are always up-to-date when it comes to professional industrial cleaning techniques.  

We know how crucial it is for compliance and local health & safety standards to keep your production area clean and well-sanitised. Call us for a free comprehensive quote at Cleanscape 09 972 7625 or email us to inquire info@cleanscape.co.nz