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Is it important to hire Commercial Cleaners in Whangarei?

Commercial spaces expect a high number of people to come in daily. High traffic is part of the business model. But all those footsteps and customer interactions, leave a mark on counters, floors and shelves. Sometimes visible traces of dirt, muddy foot prints or dust from the outside can make their way into your commercial space. So it’s very important to have a quick and deep cleaning schedules as part of your business maintenance strategies.

Whangarei Commercial Cleaning Services

An untidy shop reflects business practices that are unsanitary. If your commercial space is a mess, your customers will have second thoughts about buying any of your products.

When a customer comes into your store, they expect it looking clean and fresh and this will likely put them in a good mood. Truth is customers will immediately feel comfortable in a clean space. You can expect improved business outcomes and a rise in profits due to regular deep cleaning.

It is recommended to have a commercial cleaning company visit your workplace daily, or weekly, particularly, if you store perishables and consumables in your inventory and store room. Preventing pests from infesting your shop keeps these critters away from damaging store items and spreading disease. It will also keep your commercial store up to code with local compliance rules and hygiene ratings. All of these steps will save your business money in the long run.

In Whangarei, Cleanscape NZ is the go too for commercial cleaning services. At Cleanscape we clean the following commercial spaces:
Supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores, warehouses, industry facilities, offices.

Regular cleaning can reduce allergens, dust and germs in work areas.

Disinfecting surfaces like desks and computer keyboards should be done weekly, if not daily, these items are often a hotbed for germs and can increase your risk of contracting diseases.

Do you like the way your commercial space smells?

Take a minute, and just breathe in the air. Is it pleasant? Or have you caught a whiff of something unpleasant?

Without a doubt, odours are a mood killer, there’s no escaping the variety of odors your business, customers and staff create.  – Most noses will quickly notice offending odours. People can’t concentrate on tasks at hand when smells get in the way. Staff may have to work in such an environment, but customers will surely head out the door – without their purchases in tow!

Foul odours can be caused by a number of things – rotting food, undisposed rubbish, clogged sinks and bathroom drains, dead pests, black mold, standing water, floor spills and carpet stains. And no amount of air freshener, deodorizer or perfume can mask the stink.

But you need to be tough with odours. After identifying the source area, these can be dealt with regular cleaning practices using high-quality cleaning agents and the latest industrial cleaning equipment.

The Scope of Commercial Cleaning

Running a successful business requires your 100% focus and energy. Daily tasks outside of the running of your business, have a way of piling up, along with rubbish, but when you have so much to do, the best chance of getting priorities done is by delegating the routine tasks.

For a professional deep clean, you can always hire a commercial cleaning company for your disinfection and sanitation needs. Your customers, staff and takings will undoubtedly thank you.

As Whangarei’s foremost commercial cleaners, Cleanscape Ltd can do the following cleaning services for you:

  • General commercial cleaning
  • Floor cleaning – floor cutting and polishing
  • Window cleaning
  • Vacuum all your carpets
  • Dusting and surface wiping
  • Disinfection of high-contact surfaces
  • Clutter clearing and organising the space
  • Rubbish removal
  • Carpet washing and cleaning
  • Exterior cleaning

With Whangarei’s top commercial cleaning agency, Cleanscape Ltd will never leave your space without doing a thorough job, and we make sure everything is to your satisfaction.

We recommend cleaning frequencies based on your commercial space and business needs. Each proposal we produce is tailored for your commercial business. Cleanscape fits around your opening hours, regular business hours and after hours. Cleanscape also offers deep cleaning services on a schedule: weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleans.