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Office Cleaners Whangarei & Kaipara District: Time to Tidy your Work Desk

Office Cleaners Whangarei & Kaipara District: Time to Tidy your Work Desk

Let’s assess your desk! How clean or cluttered is it? What do you see? Is everything organised and in its proper place? Or is it a stack of paperwork? A plate of unfinished food and a mug with dried? 

Cleaning as we all know is no simple menial task. It also requires mental work and energy. If your desk is an utter mess, set aside a few minutes to clear it out. Here are two surefire ways to do a quick desk cleaning:

You can do a quick clean-up.

 Pick all the obvious clutter, dump it in the bin. Clear all the food and leftovers. Get a damp rag or paper towel, spritz some cleaner or sanitiser then give your desk a good surface clean. You can do this in under 5 minutes. It’s not a thorough clean, but it can at least give your boss the impression you’re not hiding somewhere under all the debris.

Another way is to clear everything off your desk.

This is the equivalent of creating a clean slate, an opportunity for you to get your workspace in order. First, put everything away, this includes your computer, desktop screen and keyboard. Unplug everything and put it on a nearby table for a few minutes. Pick up all the paper and contents on your desk, set it aside on another desk. You can fan out the dust from the stacks of folders while you’re at it. Then once your desk is bare, sanitize and spray. Give it a good surface clean then leave it to dry. Then you can put everything back into place. This can give you a fresh start at work.

Trust us to do the dirty work!

We’ll make your office tidy, clean and fresh! Making it an inviting and productive space for clients and employees.

Cleaning up your desk will help you to concentrate more on your work. You will feel less stress which is beneficial for your wellbeing.

Just to recap a few good desk cleaning tips for office workers:

  • Practice quick desk cleaning for a few minutes each day until it becomes a routine. This can prevent paper, photocopies, and folders from piling up. Ideally, do this when you arrive at work.

  • Make antibacterial hand sanitisers accessible. This can stop the spread of germs and allergens. In fact, every employee should have a hand sanitiser on their desk.
  • Never leave food and beverages overnight on your work desk. This is a clear invitation for pests to invade your workstation.

Now how’s the whole office looking? Are you working in an organised and pleasant environment? 

 If employees are spending more time removing rubbish and clearing clutter in their work areas, maybe alternative options to keep the office clean are necessary. Not everything can be addressed solely with a do-it-yourself approach, because simply put, not everyone has the time for it. 

One of the best ways to maintain office cleanliness is by hiring CleanScape the professional office cleaners.

CleanScape NZ is a local, independent and Sitewise Green recognised cleaning company. We do office clean-ups on weekdays and weekends. Just let us know your schedule. Call CleanScape today at 09 972 7625 to schedule your next clean-up.