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Office Cleaning Whangarei

Office Cleaning Whangarei

No two offices are ever the same. We’ve clean so many varied commercial office spaces in Whangarei (and beyond!) and we’ve like to think we are experts. In fact, when you contract the CleanScape team, we successfully put into practice numerous office cleaning techniques that we have refined throughout the years. Benefit from our expertise for your office clean.

As Whangarei’s foremost cleaning experts, we know what works and what doesn’t.

No, we’re not reinventing the wheel here when it comes to commercial office cleaning, but with our methods we make cleaning more efficient. Here at CleanScape, we have developed our own organised cleaning system to do the job thoroughly, and a testament to this is our many Whangarei clients that rely on us for their office cleaning.

You may find doing the cleaning work yourself is time-consuming and not unlikely to be a one-person operation. When it comes to covering office spaces. You might get overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning tasks that needs to be done, and the hard part, you might even strain your back doing so.

When you hire an office cleaning service, you save your time and money. It means you don’t have to do the trial and error with cleaning detergents. This leaves you with enough energy to do the most important things for your business – running it.

How Much Does an Office Cleaning Service Cost in Whangarei?

It all starts with a quote and site visit. We get to understand the scale and scope and what’s required. This quote keeps things organised and lets you know in detail what will be achieved.

All our quotes are customised, and yes, we can fit most budgets. We are available to do a number of office cleaning service on a contract basis – and by deciding to go for a regular clean we offer exclusive pricing.

  • Current condition of the office. We take into consideration the state of the office space whether it needs cleaning due to post-renovation or construction work. Whether it’s heavily soiled from years of use or just in need of a routine maintenance clean-up, the dirtier the area the more cleaning solutions and specialised cleaning equipment and team-power (hours) the space will need.
  • Type of cleaning service needed (carpet cleaning, window cleaning, deep cleaning, or regular cleaning etc.)
  • Size and lay-out of the office (Is your commercial space an open-layout? Does it have multiple divisions?)
  • Number of cleaning crew needed for the job.
  • Time (Number of hours needed to complete the clean-up)
  • Schedule (Will the cleaning be done during business hours? Night time? Holidays?)
  • Frequency (Do you need the clean-up done daily, weekly, monthly?)