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Shop Cleaning Whangarei

Shop Cleaning Whangarei

When you own a business, you always want to ensure the high standard of cleanliness and safety of your retail store and commercial spaces. This is not just all year round, but in all kinds of situations.

In fact, keeping your retail shop clean during this time of pandemic can be difficult. Everyone has a role to play to make sure facilities and workspaces are safe as possible when a community chooses to reopen. Cleaning on your own is not enough. You need professional cleaning services now more than ever.

Due to the lockdown your store or workspace may have been unoccupied for some time, and to reopen will require some hardcore sanitising as a public health consideration. This is a departure from your normal routine cleaning towards a more intense and effective hygienic protocol.

On top of worrying about COVID-19, when dirt and grime is left alone for a long time, things around the shop can deteriorate quickly.

But not to worry, we have the best highly skilled cleaners who will clean your spaces thoroughly – inside and out.  We deep clean soft and porous materials like soft seats, area carpet, and rugs alongside disinfecting hard surfaces.

  • Countertops, desks, and tables
  • Shopping carts and shopping baskets
  • Doorknobs and door handles
  • Light switches and fixtures
  • Switchboards, keyboards, panels and phones
  • Toilets, faucets and sinks
  • Touch screens, point of sale keypads, and monitors

After a professional clean, you can maintain the daily cleanliness around the store with a normal routine cleaning with soap and water or a diluted bleach solution. Disinfect high-touch point surfaces before and every after work shifts, or if you can, as often as possible.

This will decrease any presence of the virus on your retail surfaces, equipment, and products. However, in order to stay open during this crisis, one should have regular deep-cleaning services lined up particularly after very busy days. Cleaning services in Whangarei are well-equipped to handle the required sanitation levels in public areas.

As a top cleaning service in Whangarei, here’s our added advice to maintain safe and sanitary behavioral practices for employees and shoppers:

  • Wash hands. Scrub them well for 30 seconds.
  • Use hand sanitizers, at least 60% alcohol-based when on the go.
  • Maintain social distancing in shared spaces. Staying 6 feet away from others which is about 2 arms’ length according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Protect your face with cloth and facemask coverings.
  • Avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

And more importantly, if you’re feeling unwell, stay at home. Keeping everyone safe and healthy is everyone’s shared responsibility, and that doesn’t require much of your time and consideration to do so.

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We keep Whangarei businesses open. We offer office, retail and commercial cleaning across Northland at very affordable prices. Our aim is to create a fresh and positive vibe in your workplace for customers to see its best features. 

Call us today! Give your commercial space the best clean out. To find out more about Cleanscape NZ, call us 09 972 7625 or email us info@cleanscape.co.nz