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Signs That Your Shop Needs a Cleaning Service

Cleaning the workplace and business premises is one challenge that most companies face regularly. It’s a time-consuming process; and even if the company has an in-house cleaner, it is not a guarantee that the entire office environment is maintained according to professional standards. This could be one of the reasons why companies hire a cleaning service.

As they say, whatever it is, always seek the experts. But when do you think is the right time to hire this service? Here are some of the time-tested signs that tell you a professional cleaning service is needed:

Dirt and dust are visible.

This is easy to tell. When you move files on the shelves, you can’t do it without a sneeze. The office floor has litter, not just the floor. You have to keep in mind that germs and bacteria thrive and multiply in uncleaned areas. When this happens and nothing is done to resolve it; the entire space may have contamination issues. It’s a tough fact to accept but you’re not the only one who experiences this. Imagine the clients, employees, and guests who notice the same dirt and mess. Being unkempt and unclean also means being unprofessional.

Employees are getting sick.

It may not be the coronavirus, but still it can cause flu. That’s what you and your employees may get if the workplace and its premises are left uncleaned and un-sanitised. High contact areas like doorknobs, copy machines, and even the coffee maker in the pantry can be perfect breeding places for disease-causing germs and viruses. Some people are also allergic to dust and dirt. If these areas are not regularly cleaned and disinfected, don’t be surprised if people keep on calling in sick.

Employees become unmotivated and unproductive.

When the workplace is all dirt and grime, it is more likely that employees will have focus problems if they are not absent in the office due to sickness. This means that there is decreased productivity within the company. If you typically delegate the cleaning to your own employees; you are preventing them from producing even more! This decrease in productivity may also lead to more frustration and low morale among the employees. This is not likely to happen when the environment is clean and tidy.

The office is disorganised and cluttered.

A clean office does not only mean the absence of dirt and dust; it also means the space is decluttered and everything is organized to enhance performance and productivity. The office shelves must be dust free, and all the things placed on these are properly arranged for ease of access as well as visual appeal. So all you have to do is run your hand on one of these shelves to check if there’s dust on it and check if everything is still organized.

The office has dirty / wet floors.

If your office has dirty, wet or worse slippery floors even if you are located in a predominantly fine weather place like Whangarei, it means that the office is not properly maintained. With floors like these, the company’s reputation and image may suffer.