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The Benefits of a Clean, Healthy School

The Benefits of a Clean, Healthy School

Cleaning a classroom, or a school to be precise, is not the same as cleaning a house. For one thing, schools are densely packed with students all day. There’s a tremendous amount of foot traffic in common areas, and a bustle of activity that often leads to a lot of rubbish, sticky tables, and messy floors.

For such educational spaces, high-quality and law-regulated cleaning standards are expected, it’s not simply getting a mop or a broom out of a school closet, instead using a systematic approach should be integrated well into the clean-up, to disinfect areas properly and efficiently.

Professional school cleaning services like Cleanscape NZ understand government guidelines such as the Education Act 1989 New Zealand. Cleanscape implements sanitation best practices to ensure a safe school setting. We understand the scope of cleaning required for large scale areas such as schools with multiple floors or campus buildings.

When out on school jobs, we bring all our own highly specialised cleaning equipment, we use them responsibly and in a safe manner while on an educational premise. In fact, our clean-up preparation can involve the use of non-toxic cleaning disinfectants should it be sought. Naturally, we use cleaning supplies appropriate to the kind of surface materials found in the building (such as wood, tiles, and various flooring materials, etc.). We also go the extra mile by covering hard-to-reach and hidden areas – one thing is for sure – kids find these areas!

Our goal is to give your school a deep-clean that it possibly, hasn’t gone through since its construction. Call it a major ‘clean-over’ or ‘deep clean’ if you wish – but you can only get that level of service through a trusted cleaning company. In Whangarei and Northland, we believe there can only to be one clear winner and that’s Cleanscape NZ!

It might not be said often, but a clean school is a child-friendly school, and parents just love that! Students may not be mindful of its importance, but to the adults who are discerning about their child’s education, a clean and green environment matters. This makes a lot of sense since children spend most of their active hours at school. Ideally, you want them to be in a safe and hygienic place.

So for educational institutions in Northland, it’s vital to keep classrooms neat and tidy for a number of reasons:

  • Provide a healthy and clean school setting conducive to higher learning.
  • Infection and disease prevention control.
  • Boost attendance and self-esteem among students and teaching staff.
  • Maintaining an impressive and squeaky clean school is good for your public image. It shows parents and alumnis that the school cares about its student’s well-being.
  • Implementing sanitation regulations and real-estate property maintenance.
  • Foster goodwill and discipline in the Northland community.

Stay Clean, Always Sanitise

Cleaning is the best positive health intervention. Whether we like it or not, schools are often the ground zero for community outbreaks of the flu, chicken pox, and even lice infestation. They can also be a hazardous breeding ground for other more dangerous infectious diseases and antibiotic-resistant bacteria. If there is no routine cleaning to speak of, an outbreak of any of these alarming diseases is most likely to affect the school population and can cause a rise in staff absences and student sick days.

Now having a number of students in ill-health for prolonged or sudden periods is worrisome. These struggles can be avoided if you make early sanitary provisions for it, such as hiring a professional cleaning company to handle sanitation, property maintenance, and clean-up services on a regular basis.

From daycare facilities, preschools, grade schools, middle schools, and colleges- all these spaces where students come together daily- school cleaning is absolutely necessary if you want to create an atmosphere that encourages learning, curiosity, enthusiasm, and higher performance test scores.

By hiring a cleaning contractor in Whangarei such as Cleanscape, we can cover more ground without sacrificing that deep-clean level of quality. Cleanscape will do all this heavy lifting and cleaning without skipping any dirty corners, with our meticulous and trained cleaning specialists, your school is guaranteed to get a nice, good clean and polish.

See our cleaning crew in action! Call CleanScape at 09 972 7625. We are a known cleaning contractor in the school communities of Whangarei and other areas of Northland. Our goal is not just to clean, but to transform your environment into a relaxing and rejuvenating space.

Contact us for a free no-obligation quote on your next school clean-up. Contact us today!