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Whangarei Carpet Cleaning Services for Offices and Commercial Spaces

Whangarei Office Carpet Cleaners: Hiring Professional Cleaners for a Pleasant Office Environment

Carpets are notoriously hard to clean, and using a standard vacuum cleaner is not enough to suck in all the dirt and dust. On a side note, hand scrubbing stains off your office carpet will run the risk of musky wet carpet. Leaving your carpet alone, however, will only cause a build-up of dirt and mold that will eventually break down the material.

Carpets improve room tone in an office layout, reducing noise and making the space conducive for work. Yet, they receive quite a beating from foot traffic, furniture movement, and delivery equipment with wheels (such as carts and trolleys), this can eventually wear the fibers down if not well-maintained. All of this leads to a dirt build up in the pile and so require professional commercial carpet cleaning services.

So leave your carpet cleaning woes to the Whangarei carpet cleaning professionals – CleanScape can get your carpets cleaned.

We use the best carpet cleaning agents and industrial professional equipment to deep clean your commercial carpets. Whether its wall-to-wall carpeting, carpet tiles, or rugs, we do a thorough quality clean to ensure that your carpets receives the best care in terms of colour and texture. In fact, our signature steam cleaning method and stain removal solution can breathe new life into your office carpet, making it smell fresh, clean and odor-free.

How we clean your carpets:

  1. First, we start with vacuuming. What we use is not a regular vacuum cleaner that you can usually purchase at shops, but what we have are powerful dust-sucking vacuums that cleans deep into the tightly-knit fibers and wefts. This deep vacuuming method loosens dust, mites, allergens and particles lodged in deep down.
  2. The carpet material is treated for fiber care and any stain removal. We know carpets are made with all types of materials – silk, poly, linen, wool, wool-blends, synthetic, nylon, etc. And we treat the carpet accordingly by adjusting the percentage and PH levels of our cleaning solutions to the kind of carpet material it has. We want to give the appropriate carpet clean to bring out the vibrant colours and deluxe patterns.

3. We tailore our carpet cleaning to your budget and requirements. If you have specific needs or budget, get in contact and we will do what we can to help.

4. We freshen it up! Our final touch is to add a layer of protection to your carpets with a special cleaning solution that not only protects fibers, but deodorizes it. We want you to come to work excited at the thought of fresh, clean carpets.

Hire a professional office cleaning service and you’ll never have to deal with dirt again.

Avoid over-accumulation of dust on your carpets! Enhance their colour and durability through regular carpet cleaning and maintenance.

Carpets cleaned professionally can improve the look of your business and really impress your customers.

Have your carpets cleaned by the best carpet cleaners in Whangarei. Call us today at 09 972 7625 or email to inquire at info@CleanScape.co.nz for a complimentary quote on your office or commercial carpet.