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Whangarei Floor Cleaning Services that’s Worth the Money!

Floors by default are expected to be shiny, and for any company, it’s to your merit to have clean floors. The appearance of your floorscape says a lot about the cleanliness and compliance standards of your business. Never mind if your floor tiles are the custom kind or pricey Italian marble, if they look dirty, they will not leave a good impression to your customers.

A good floor to stand on is always a clean floor. Our floor cleaning process can eliminate dirt, mud and hardened grime from your floors while protecting its surface integrity. The end results with CleanScape are always hygienic and polished floors.

Floor Scrubbing and Maintenance

Floor scrubbing takes time, but we’ll do everything needed to freshen up your floors. Our Whangarei floor maintenance services include mopping, scrubbing, burnishing and polishing to liven up your floor area. This service is perfect for high-foot traffic businesses that need routine floor maintenance on their commercial space.

Tile Floor Cleaning Services

Bring back the sheen on your Whangarei tile floors. Grit and dirt often accumulates on the space between tiles, trapping dirt and soot over time; leaving your floor tiles looking unsightly. We can do a great job cleaning your floor tiles thoroughly with non-toxic cleaning agents that can improve the appearance of your tiles.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Not all floors are made of concrete, resin or hard tiles. It’s quite common for office and commercial spaces to have wall-to-wall carpeting or carpet tiles. CleanScape can deep clean your carpeted floors for you to get rid of those nasty wet carpet smells and stubborn stains.

Affordable Floor Cleaning Services in Whangarei

Whether you need neat and shiny floors for your business place, count on CleanScape to keep your floors tidy. Our commercial floor care services are the best prices you can find in Whangarei.

We understand that a growing business could mean more foot traffic with many customers and employees walking around the facility. Choosing our cleaning company for floor care services can help you maintain a neat and clean place.

We understand the floor care needs of businesses in the Whangarei area, as with most stores and offices having to contend with disinfecting their spaces to stop the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Floor Care by CleanScape

We’ll come over and check your floors. We’ll identify what type of flooring you have and what kind of cleaning technique that’s suitable to do a proper clean. By knowing your high-traffic areas and the level of sanitation needed, we can determine how to serve you best.

After giving you an estimate of the floor cleaning cost, once you approve, we’ll schedule the floor cleaning hours all at your convenience. We’ll arrive on time with our highly-skilled floor cleaners with all the necessary equipment, liquid solutions and cleaning agents.

We’ll buff and polish your floors to a fine finish, making sure we achieve the best results.