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Whangarei New Zealand’s Top Cleaning Services: Types of Professional Cleaning Services

Cleaning should be in the forefront of your company’s priority list as it stops the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Just take a moment to review the current amount of sick leave taken by employees, if it’s undeniably high, then one should take steps to boost morale and that can start with changing the environment into a positive one. The first simple step any company can take in that direction is by creating a clean office environment that employees can warm up to.

Cleaning work areas is one of the top stressors in any office, commercial or retail company. As soon as the clutter and dust gets difficult to keep at bay, you should have a professional cleaning undertaken to handle it.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a complex undertaking. We offer a variety of professional cleaning services for a range of needs:

Deep Cleaning Offices

Offices are like beehives, always crowded and buzzing with activities. When it comes to cleaning offices, CleanScape can sanitise and thoroughly disinfect your office space regardless of its shape and size. The true benefit is for your employees, so that they’ll be able to work around a healthier and cleaner workspace. We can mop, sweep and wipe contact points to ensure your safety and satisfaction. This includes wiping down work desks, computers, phones, and common surface areas.

Move In & Move Out Cleaning

Expanding your headquarters is often good news, but moving can be complicated for most. Transferring your office location from one place to another can be very stressful. Our cleaning team here at CleanScape would be more than happy to help you with this transition by doing our best deep clean work right before you move in. We have the best cleaning equipment and solutions to do the most thorough cleaning required before moving in or leaving a property.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Pockets of dirt and debris can get everywhere after construction work and you could be stuck handling a real mess for days or weeks afterwards. That’s time out of your busy schedule that could be spent elsewhere. With Whangarei’s best cleaning service, CleanScape, you don’t have to deal with the post-construction mess anymore, as we are experienced in cleaning out dust and dirt, and getting your new space ready for opening time. Whether you are just renovating, or expanding your work area, we have your back, and we’ll get your space ready.

Subscription Cleaning Service

Much like everything else today, your favourite services are under a subscription cycle. This means that you don’t have to constantly call us for your cleaning needs. Sign us up for our routine and regular cleaning services, we’ll turn up to clean your property. We can do regular cleaning services weekly, twice a month, every day or every month. We will make sure that your space is always clean on a schedule you set.

Disinfection Services

These days, staying hygienic is a must. We offer deep cleaning and sanitising service that will best complement your space and common areas. Our cleaning team is well-trained and equipped to make your area clean and properly disinfected.

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