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What to Look for in a Commercial Cleaning Company?

The pandemic has been a challenge for everyone. Keeping surfaces clean requires extra measures from our end.  

Now that we’re all washing our hands with soap for at least 20 seconds to get rid of any germs, we can take our cleanliness a step further by making sure our workspaces are thoroughly clean.  

What good is washing our hands if all our high-touch point surfaces are covered in viruses and bacteria?  

Viruses like the flu can survive for more than a day on various surfaces while the current Coronavirus according to the latest studies can survive for 28 days on common everyday surfaces made of metal, glass, paper, polymers, and vinyl. 

We should all take steps to further improve our office environment, so we don’t take these germs home and infect others. Having a clean office means we can work without stressing out about catching a cold or getting ill.  

Why Clean your Commercial Space?

If you do a quick finger test right now, and just run your finger over any random surface in your office, whether it be a desk or an office computer – with that, you can quickly check just how much dust is on your fingertips?  

If it’s pretty powdery and thick, it’s about time you call a cleaning service to improve your office cleanliness and air quality – after all, you’ve been breathing in that dust all week, and it won’t be gentle on your sinuses or lungs in the long run.  

If you have employees with chronic conditions such as asthma or allergic rhinitis, you can expect some of them to suffer terribly from time to time. This can severely hamper their work performance and concentration, which in turn, affects your business’ bottom line. 

So what do you look for in a commercial cleaning service?

Reliability is a huge factor. You want a commercial cleaning service to be there when you need them. Another important thing to consider is their level of skill and autonomy.  

One may assume that cleaning is a general skill that anyone can be good at, however this is not at all the case. 

Cleaning is a profession that involves efficient and consistent methods in clearing dirt, bacteria, and grime. It is all about practicing good sanitation methods, and the best commercial cleaning services have good time-management skills, expert problemsolving abilities, and adequate field expertise. 

Today, calling in professional cleaners is easy and straightforward. Try Whangarei’s best commercial cleaning service, Cleanscape 

Our cleaning crews are vetted, well-mannered, and highly-trained in specialised cleaning techniques. We take the headache out of cleaning. 

Just let us know what you need done, what areas need cleaning and ask what kind of cleaning services they offer. After this, we’ll message you a no-obligation quote on our list of cleaning services. Moreover, you can expect our cleaning crew to show up on time and clean your offices on schedule. 

As the saying goes ‘a clean workplace is a happy workplace’ is not just a cliché, but a good lifestyle habit to live by. That said, your office should always feel safe, tidy, and inviting for employees and guests. 

At Cleanscape, we‘ll take the time to understand your cleaning needs. We’ll even keep your lobby area spotless and clean. So you can leave a good first impression on your clients.
Call Cleanscape at 09 972 7625 or email info@cleanscape.co.nz