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Window Glass Cleaning Services in Whangarei

Professional window cleaning services in Whangarei can give your business a quick and easy shiny boost. Customers love clean windows. It’s a clear invitation for them to take a look. Most can’t resist gazing at their reflection on a clean window and once they do, they’ll usually notice the products on display just right behind the glass. Hello impulse purchase. This effect often prompts them to go inside the store and look around, surprisingly most leave the shop with an unexpected purchase. It’s not a stretch to say that windows can be that subtle hook that leads the customers in. 

CleanScape Professional window cleaners offer a deep clean service that removes all such stains and provides a buffed up look to the old glass and windows. 

Why Have your Windows Clean?

There are many advantages to having clean windows for your commercial space: 

  • Windows present your products to the public in the best light. Having clean windows makes your store attractive.  
  • From the interior, clean windows provide a clear and good view of the outside world. Hello Sunshine. 
  • Clean windows conserve heat and adds to overall energy-efficiency. (Who knew?) 

What Makes your Windows Dirty?

Glass windows are always exposed to the elements and over time, layers of dust, soot or soil can accumulate on your windows. We highly recommend that your business have a routine window cleaning schedule. After all, if you spend money for floor cleaning services, it’s not much of a stretch to have your windows professionally cleaned too. 

Dirty windows can diminish any company’s efforts at general cleanliness, but there are various contaminants that can soil your storefront windows, leaving them filthy, greasy or coated in grime. 

These contaminants include: 

  • Soil and dust 
  • Mineral deposits  
  • Water spots or hard water deposits 
  • Pollutants from cars, smog or the weather 
  • Oils and food stains 
  • Hair, spit and bodily fluids 
  • Dead bugs and animal droppings 
  • Salt spray – if you live by the seaside or waterfront 
  • Rust or corrosion 
  • Glue or dried glue from decals or stickers 
  • Smudges, fingerprints, and face marks 

A light layer of dust would be an easy clean, but some of these contaminants require a professional approach as they can be stubborn to remove. Like in the case of rust and hard water marks, if not undertaken properly with the right cleaning methods, you can be left with a damaged glass surface.

If you look at the composition of glass closely, it’s a kind of porous material and at a microscopic level, glass is not smooth, in fact it’s littered with holes that minerals can embed themselves into. If dirt is left on the glass for too long, cleaning your windows on your own will be a huge challenge.

At Cleanscape, we understand the components of window glass and how to treat it with right cleaning agents. Our window cleaning techniques are not abrasive on glass, but tough enough to remove grime without breaking or scratching it. What we guarantee is a window clean at a budget-friendly cost. 

Let Whangarei’s best window cleaning company be at your service. We always have a team of professional window cleaners in Northland available for your needs. You’d be amazed how efficient and clean your windows will be. 

Call us for a quick quote at Cleanscape 09 972 7625 or email us to inquire info@cleanscape.co.nz